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Add your website or your local business on ManyListing for a chance to appear on the search results first pages. You get a profile that includes your company name and contact information, as well as a feedback and ratings section that can really help your company stand out.


Your visibility in several languages!

Describe your company or website in several languages, define your company descriptions in more than ten (10) languages and present your activities to the whole planet! Create an account using the classic method or using your social accounts (Facebook and Google+) and describe your company in the languages of your choice, from your dashboard.


Boost your online reputation!

Use our local directory means and features to build customer loyalty. By using our directory, you will have an important number of functionalities which will enable you to ensure a real communication and thus to develop your customers' loyalty.


Google Maps integration

Show your customers where you physically stand with Google Maps integration on your business listing. Google Maps offers a location service for all activities; the best way for customers to find you more easily.


Street view integration

Use Google Street view to give your users/customers images of your company's actual location. Google Street view offers a geolocation service for all activities; the best way for customers to find you faster.



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